Welfare society of tomorrow

  • onsdag / 22 maj / 2019
  • 15:30-16:00


Can we solve huge societal challenges organizing ourselves differently? Nyby is a social tech startup based in Oslo. Nyby has, together with a number of municipalities and organizations from volunteer and private sector co-created a new type digital platform – to enable the welfare society of tomorrow. Nyby is now active in 30+ organizations and municipalities in Norway, and is gaining international interest.

Fredrik Gulowsen / Nyby has in 2018 alone been invited to 50+ conferences in Norway, including the Governments annual healthconference (only private company invited), and the annual state digitalization conference in the Opera (only private company invited). Please find example of presentation from Digitalization conference here: https://nyby.no/aktuelt/nyby-pa-digitaliseringskonferansen

-“I’ve been working with tech startups for 10 years, but at the same time I’ve had a little brother who’s health has deteriorated in the same period. That made me think, and reflect about how we organize care and welfare in our society.”- Fredrik Gulowsen is a serial entrepreneur with experience from tech-startups like Zwipe, Filmgrail, and Kolonial.no. He is today the CEO and founder of Nyby. Nyby is a new type digital platform, developed together with municipalities, NGOs, communities and private companies to enable the welfare society of tomorrow. Fredrik studied political science at University of Oslo, and holds an Executive Master of Management from BI.

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