Trappa: a case study of successful delivery of speech therapy to Icelandic children

  • onsdag / 22 maj / 2019
  • 16:30-17:00


We want to tell you the about the journey of Trappa, where technology opened doors to help for student services. Since 2014 Trappa, a speech therapy clinic has specialized in online services all over Iceland. Trappa offers speech therapy, teaching, language learning assistance and consultation all through Kara. Kara is a browser based solution designed to meet the needs of specialists – bearing in mind that services need to be accessible regardless of where you live. Population of Iceland is roughly distributed between Reykjavík and the countryside – Reykjavík including more than half of Iceland’s population. Services have not been provided properly widely in the country – due to the lack of specialists. Also, different and complicated payment structures hindered services. On top of that – journeys are long and public transport not always accessible due to bad weathers the year long. It was obvious that many children were in need for help and the few speech pathologists working in the countryside all ready overbooked leaving a lot of children completely without sufficient service. As Trappa took off in a small village in the remote Westfiords we had no idea what would wait us. From 4 children in elementary school we slowly started to grow by the word of mouth and following were trips and contracts to other municipalities around Iceland. From small to big – the need was urgent and as we searched and seeked every data we found to provide the best qualities of services through the technology, we met happy customers and helped children to overcome their obstacles, or at least make some tiny steps of progress during long periods of intervention. Yes, the caseload was neither small nor easy, as many suggested, but serious, accumulated and growing – clearly identified by the amount of time without therapy.
From 2015 Trappa has made contracts with over 14 municipalities and/or schools all over Iceland. Since 2015 we have logged 7832 session of which 90% is online. We aim to be leading when it comes to evidence based practice, telehealth, coaching and consultation. We believe we matter and we intend to make a difference.

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