The future of medicine is computational

  • tisdag / 21 maj / 2019
  • 16:30-17:00


The future of medicine is computational, but the single biggest bottleneck is data. We propose a vision for a non-profit, secure, legally compliant data platform that would make complex medical data accessible to research teams.

Such a platform could have enormous potential benefits to health systems, hospitals, and companies working in health. All but the most advanced providers have anemic or non-existent data science units. They have digital health records — but not insight, since most have not converted the records into usable data. A platform that can provide this service could answer the most common questions CMOs, CEOs, CIOs have about their own institutions, that they cannot currently answer easily.

We hope this session will show the benefits of such a platform, and discuss some of the technical and legal challenges that we are starting to solve. In particular, if ‘data is the new oil’, Sweden is rich — and this platform could be a way to attract the best researchers from across the world to shed new insight into medical and policy problems faced by Swedish institutions.

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