The Data Difference: Patient Engagement for Better Outcomes

  • onsdag / 22 maj / 2019
  • 15:00-15:30


During this session we will examine how data and new technologies can better define the role of patient engagement and potential improvements in the quality of care. Attendees will learn how using data – in many new forms now available — can assist with the changing needs of patients and residents.  Attendees will learn about the case of Florence Rothman who received a routine heart-valve procedure, but died four days after discharge from a normally treatable complication that went unnoticed. It was determined her medical team missed her diagnosis only because they lacked the tools to identify subtle trends in her health. This discussion will cover new trends in data technologies that make it simple for clinical staff to get a clear picture of a patient’s condition.
We will discuss how this technology works and why it is needed:
Learn about the Rothman Index, a patented, first-of-its kind, early-warning system that uses more 20 unique healthcare measures from a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) — including vital signs, clinical assessments and lab results— to form a composite score while monitoring a patient’s health throughout the continuum of care.
Examine how data delivery – in many new forms and devices — can provide potential improvements in patient engagement and thereby improve the quality of care.