Taking the lead in digitalization of a hospital – lessons learnt from Bradford U.K. (NHS)

  • onsdag / 22 maj / 2019
  • 11:30-12:00


Bradford Teaching Hospitals (NHS) in Manchester has a challenging position with a social-economically challenged area, a history of financial deficits and not reaching the hospitals ambition on clinical quality related to NHS targets. Bradford set out an ambitious program to transform quality, performance, efficiency and outcomes. Digitalization has been a core enabler, with a new EPR system (Cerner) in 2017 and in 2018 the decision to implement a Command Center, first in Europe was taken. The Command Center co-locates key operational staff and provides them with real-time intelligence to enable more reliable decision-making, improved situational awareness and prediction of future demand, pressure and risk. The system listen to a large variety of source systems in the hospital and present selected data in a way which is real-time, actionable and predictive. It is a year-long program, involving large parts of the organization to design the intelligence that will help them work more effectively as a team and redesign their ways of working. The technology is only part of the transformation, mobilizing and engaging the employees is critical to success. This session share light on what led to the decision, the implementation journey, the experience from an employee perspective, and share some early results.

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