Remote Health Monitoring: developing solutions that benefit both patient and caregiver

  • torsdag / 23 maj / 2019
  • 09:30-10:00


The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services has stated that the regional health authorities must strive to provide home dialysis to at least 30% of patients with renal failure. It is estimated that home dialysis can save the healthcare sector in Norway upwards of EUR 6 million annually, while significantly improving the quality of life for patients.

In order to achieve this goal, new digital solutions that facilitate seamless interaction between hospitals and patients must be taken into use. Telenor has developed a digital solution – in cooperation with Nordland hospital in Bodø (northern Norway) – that enables remote monitoring of patients with renal failure receiving home-dialysis. The solution measures weight and blood pressure and sends these values automatically to the hospital through a personal health gateway. In addition, the patient sends fluid measurements to the hospital through an app. This means that hospital personnel no longer need to handle paper forms and manually record patient values. The hospital also has better oversight of each patient’s development over time, making it easier to prioritize the follow-up of patients. Patients on the other hand are happy to avoid submitting their measurements via fax, email or SMS to the hospital; and they feel that they have more control over a daily routine that is crucial for their health. Digital interaction with the hospital saves time and reduces hassle for patients, allowing them to focus on their wellbeing instead.

This project was developed using service design methodology, in close cooperation with the users. User-driven innovation has been crucial to developing a solution that is mutually beneficial for both caregiver and patient, while also being extremely easy to use. These are important criteria for upscaling new digital tools in the healthcare sector.

Telenor will share their experiences from the project, highlighting milestones in a user-centric innovation process, as well as key factors for successful collaboration between private industry and the healthcare sector.

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