Nationwide telemedicine solution to citizens with COPD

  • onsdag / 22 maj / 2019
  • 08:30-09:15


For the first time, all 98 municipalities and 5 regions in Denmark have agreed on a nationwide supply and development of an infrastructure for telemedicine and it-solutions for patients and employees. It is a result of a political agreement that commit all municipalities and regions to offer telemedicine to all COPD patients in Denmark.
The technical infrastructure for telemedicine ensures that relevant data is shared and available between health care professionals in all health care sectors. The 8 it-solutions, which have been qualified to the framework agreement supports a multi-vendor strategy.
Vision and strategy for the nationwide it for telemedicine in Denmark is:
- To establish the technical foundation of telemedicine in general
- To support Short-to-market: to create a short way from supplier to implementation
- Multi-vendor strategy – to avoid monopoly
The cooperation between 103 authorities increases complexity and require both a rethink of organization and rules, and it requires a cooperation where few has the mandates on behalf of the majority.
CIO Mette Harbo, Municipality of Copenhagen, member of the board for the national telemedicine infrastructure and it-solutions, will give a status on the nationwide telemedicine infrastructure and it-solutions

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