Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Health Care: Innovation

  • tisdag / 21 maj / 2019
  • 13:40-14:20


The promises of an AI-powered Smart City are certainly appealing. But the temptation to collect as much personal data as possible and introduce advanced technology like AI into public services needs to be balanced against the ethical risks and unintended negative consequences. Efficiency though data analysis is almost impossible to say no to – but the time is now to pause and consider what it is we are building. How close are we to building an evil city – and how can we avoid it? 
In this talk Simon will discuss the Ethics of Smart City initiatives, especially ones centred around Big Data. He will explain why industry should be doing more and why the time is now to take more responsibility.

The ethical topics discussed in the context of AI in healthcare include:
– the potential for erroneous decisions;
– who is responsible when technology is used to support decision-making;
– difficulties in validating the outputs of systems;
– the risk of inherent bias in the data used to train AI systems;
– ensuring the security and privacy of potentially sensitive data;
– securing public trust in the development and use of AI technology;
– effects on the roles and skill-requirements of professionals