Can healthcare keep up with the digital citizen?

  • onsdag / 22 maj / 2019
  • 09:30-10:00


We live in the time of change. Medical innovations have increased the ability to live longer, but a longer life does not necessarily mean a healthier life. Although we encourage healthy and independent aging, the fact remains that there is a correlation between old age and the advent of chronic diseases. While these demographic changes increase the pressure on healthcare, the citizens’ view of what good care entails is also evolving. Technology enables new ways of engaging in our own care, but also challenges the role that health professionals will play in the future. It is clear that different patient groups require different types of care; healthcare cannot be delivered in a standardised way and the technology is not the solution to all problems. However, digital solutions and new technology provide the opportunity to free up resources and time for care that is best and most appropriately delivered in a face-to-face meeting.

Sweden has the ambition of being the world leader at using the opportunities offered by digitisation and eHealth by 2025. Since that vision was launched, many new players have established themselves in the digital health market and changed the way regions view healthcare services. The digitalisation of healthcare is already involving technologies that go far beyond video. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain are some examples of technologies that have a great potential to improve care.

It is clear that the world is evolving and citizens’ expectations are rising – can healthcare keep up?

The 2015 PwC report “The doctor is in – your smartphone: Is Sweden ready for digital and virtual care?” examined citizens’ attitudes to digital solutions in the healthcare sector. Given the recent developments, PwC performed a follow up study in spring 2018 called “Can healthcare keep up with the digital citizen?” that looked at how the citizens’ view of eHealth has changed in recent years and how Swedish regions are meeting that demand. During the seminar, the results of this study will be presented, as well as preliminary results from an ongoing study on digitalisation’s opportunities in harnessing and strengthening a more preventive approach to healthcare.

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