An IoT system for monitoring Parkinson’s disease: from home measurements to patient empowerment

  • torsdag / 23 maj / 2019
  • 09:00-09:30


People diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) experience frequent fluctuations in their motor functions, which requires self-engagement, high level of self-management skills and knowledge about their disease activity. The traditional way of PD care management using periodical clinical rating scales and history taking cannot address this problem. Internet of Things (IoT)-based home monitoring can empower patients and provide a basis for improved disease management.
We will present the preliminary results from a research project called EMPARK which is a collaboration between our university group, the patient association and clinicians in Örebro and Uppsala. We have developed a system consisting of sensors and a tablet used by the patients at home to record and display symptom- and treatment-related data. Data about sleep, motor function, medication time and dose are recorded automatically, complemented by self-reported physical activity, meal intake time, and health-related quality of life are collected and transferred to a central server. The collected data is presented to patients and their caregivers using graphical interfaces developed with a user-centered design.
Preliminary results indicate that the EMPARK system is seen by the patients as a useful tool for supporting patient empowerment, improving self-management and communication between the patient and the clinician. The EMPARK system also provides possibilities for clinicians to access continuous data facilitating giving patients advice at follow-up encounters. The ultimate goal of the project is to measure perceived change in empowerment or self-awareness of patients who get feedback on their data using the proposed system. Secondary outcome measures include user satisfaction with the system and improved communication between clinicians and patients.

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