Ageing in Place: Leveraging New Technologies

  • tisdag / 21 maj / 2019
  • 14:30-15:00


The advance of modern medicine and access to good healthcare systems (across Europe) has ensured that we have a growing ageing population in the EU. This remarkable achievement, however, brings with it the challenge of helping the elderly population to age well in their own home and maintain independence. This approach to healthy ageing means that we have to adapt our service delivery models to maintain the quality and sustainability of healthcare that meets the needs of the entire population, including the elderly population.
This session deals with the opportunities and challenges of using technology as an enabler to enhance care, enhance support and ensure sustainability, especially within a person’s own home. We will look at the key drivers within healthcare technology and hear about some of the innovative ideas from the US and UK and how organisations there are tackling these issues.

Alive Sciences

Deepak Samson CEO, Connected Care Solutions
Darlene Arbeit COO, Alive Sciences