Wearables, Sensors and Mobile devices

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Will Wearables, Sensors, and Mobile devices transform your lifestyle?

– Aging in place, Assisted and Independent Living, Nursing Homes and remote monitoring 

Monday May 20th, 10 am – 5 pm

Join us for an educational and informative one day conference on how new technologies are rapidly moving the “point of care” from the hospital to the home – continually improving the seamless delivery of real time healthcare data to your family, your primary caregiver and others in your “Circle of Care” ™.

How will these technologies impact the delivery of Telehealth and Telemedicine applications to you in your own home and what will be the impact on a Better, Healthier, Longer and Safer living?

How will you pay for these devices and their associated valuable in-HOME services and is your personal health data secure?

Come and learn from our global thought leaders on how these technologies are causing a paradigm shift for Health and wellness services in your home.

  • Pris för konferensen inkl. lunch och två kaffepauser, 2 700 SEK
  • Pris för konferensen inkl. lunch och två kaffepauser vid anmälan även till Vitalis konferens  21-23 maj, 1 800 SEK


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