Vincent Dupont


“For over 20 years, Vincent Dupont has been combining both technologies and business transformation, in order to modernise this Health industry in attaining a better and affordable Health.
Passionate by innovation and digital transformation in Health, he’s a well-known public speaker in Health and has a strong market reputation. He participated in various start-up boards and has a well-proven experience in developing international markets and Public Private Innovation Partnerships in Health. After working 10 years at Microsoft he decided to pursue his career as “intrapreneur” focussing full time on innovation and digital transformation in a global Health economy.
Currently, he holds a mandate for BlueHealth Innovation Center (supported by Microsoft) as Partner Development and Investor Relations lead, spurring entrepreneurship and innovation in Health for the Belgian economy. He has actively participated to the launch of MedTech Flanders. Improving the quality of care through innovation and driving sustainable leadership is part of his DNA and reputation. Begin March’17, he has been appointed to run the national eHealth portal myHealth for the Belgian Ministry of Health. A disruptive program, which brings value to the citizen/patient for managing his own health condition through a Personal Health Viewer. Features like validated mHealth apps for the citizen are part of this innovative program. In April’17, he has been appointed as strategic advisor at Z-plus for building a new care platform 2.0 (life companions and their medical measurements) and in October’17 he has been asked as strategic advisor for driving digital transformation at Curando in care, transforming home care services into fully digital care services 2.0. Finally begin October’18 he joined APB (National Association of Pharmacists) as strategic advisor, in order to support a new national mHealth program endorsing the therapeutic relation between the patient and the pharmacist.
Vincent Dupont joined in 2011 the Microsoft Western Europe Public Services operations to lead the Health Industry, with more than 15 years’ experience in Health and Life Sciences IT. He managed the Health business across 12 subs (Benelux, Ireland, Nordics, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal) and was responsible for industry market development and its partner ecosystem. The Western European Health industry represented after the US the single biggest growing and most mature Health industry (growing 13 % YoY).
Prior to this role, Dupont was hired in 2006 at Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg for leading the local Health operations for 5 years. In that role, the local Health business grew with 60 % making it one of the fastest growing industries among the local operations. Meanwhile, as local ambassador for Health a whole new ecosystem was built with industry players through national government programs.
Before joining Microsoft, Dupont was working in various international consulting companies leading transformational programs in Health, pharma and the life sciences industry. From services to product offering, combining solution offering through partners, spanning the whole IT lifecycle.
Dupont is an entrepreneurial self-made man with a deep passion for Health, native EU citizen (born in Belgium) and by default a polyglot (speaking 5 languages), his personal life reflects a very strong business acumen, people knowledge and being very results-driven. He’s an energy-giver and very loyal and pragmatic team player focusing on results. His drive is inspirational and as intrapreneur with a strong growing mind and highly developed EQ, his multicultural experience made him a top performer.
In Belgium, he has been seen as an enabler for the NWOW, being one of the founding members of the NWOW community platform : representing public services organisations, the industry and academic world. He has always been strongly passionate in the current new world driving change through people – processes – technology. The ability to process complex information and synthesize opposing ideas is associated with his creativity and state of mind, thinking out of the box from a new perspective and use creative thinking as transformational leader.

Dupont holds a bachelor’s degree marketing, has 2 daughters and likes to run and practice sports on a regular basis. In his current position, he’s actively participating in entrepreneurial workshops, coaching and involved in various international Health communities (HIMSS partner).
As seasoned international Health Subject Matter Expert, high level of integrity and strong business ethics reputation as ingredients, provides him mostly a well-respected role as second opinion leader for digital transformation and disruptive thinking in organizations.

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