Ole Fröbert


Ole Fröbert, MD, PhD, adjunct Professor and invasive consultant cardiologist at Örebro University Hospital, Sweden. Ole graduated from Aarhus University in Denmark 1992 and he defended his PhD thesis on the role of the esophagus in angina-like chest pain at Aarhus University in 1996. Ole received his cardiology training in Aarhus and Aalborg University Hospitals in Denmark and at Hammersmith Hospital (London) and Catarina Hospital in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). His research and teaching focus on ischemic heart disease in a broad clinical perspective and he has published more than 150 original, peer-reviewed research papers. Ole Fröbert was primary investigator in the first registry – based randomized clinical trial – the 7000 patient TASTE trial and he is chairing or involved in a number of ongoing trials based on the same concept. Other research interests: translational research on brown bears.

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