Nanna Skovgaard


Mrs. Nanna Skovgaard is head of division in the Danish Ministry of Health, division of data, infrastructure and cyber security. ¶¶Since earning her Master’s degree in Political Science, she has been dedicated to policy development and change management. ¶Before joining the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Skovgaard worked at the Ministry of Finance. Mrs. Skovgaard’s main focus is implementation, benefit realization and steering mechanisms in health management. On behalf of the Danish Ministry of Health, Mrs. Skovgaard has been a key player in devoloping the Danish Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022 and in driving the nationwide implementation of new technologies, eg. a digital shared medication record and the use of telemedicine for COPD patients. She also manages budget follow-up and benefit realization in the 16 major hospital projects which are currently under construction in Denmark, known collectively as the Danish Super Hospital Programme. Mrs. Skovgaard has a unique understanding of digital health, hospital construction and service innovation as cornerstones in the digital and structural transformation of health care today.

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