Henrique Martins


“Prof. Henrique Martins, MD(Lisbon), MPhil, PhD(Cambridge) ¶¶President of the Board of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, Portugal.¶¶Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal ¶¶Internist Physician, Fernando Fonseca Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal. ¶Coordinator of the Joint Action for Supporting eHealth – eHealthAction (2018-2012) ¶¶Elected chair of the European Union eHealth Network (from 1st September 2018) ¶¶Prof. Martins is an Internal Medicine Specialist. He obtained his PhD degree from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge with a thesis on “The use of Mobile ICT in clinical Settings”. He holds a Master in Management from the University of Cambridge on “How to teach Management and Leadership to Medical Studentes” and a Masters in HIV/AIDS from the University of Barcelona. He has several publications in the area of Mobile computing in healthcare and many conference presentations/keynotes in the area of eHealth.¶¶He is the President of the Board of SPMS (www.spms.min-saude.pt) the Shared Services and eHealth/IT authority of the Ministry of Health, since April 2013 until present date, after having served for 2 years as Adjunct for Health IT to the Health Secretary of State of Portugal. He was responsible for setting up the Health Information Sharing Platform for Electronic Health Records in Portugal, Nationwide ePrescription/eDispensation, national vaccination records, and many other national ehealth projects.¶¶He is the representative for Portugal at the eHealth Network (https://ec.europa.eu/health/ehealth/policy/network_en), the EU body responsible for eHealth Policy in the Union, since its creation in 2012 and the elected Member State chair since 2018. He has been participant in several EU funded interoperability projects, like epSOS and others and the coordinator of EXPAND thematic Network, and is presently the coordinator of the joint action from EC to work on fostering eHealth in Europe with more than 27 Members States (eHealth Action – http://jointaction3.spms.min-saude.pt/).¶¶In the past he has worked as CMIO – Chief Medical Information Officer at Hospital Fernando Fonseca for 5 years. He started and coordinated for 3 years the Center for Investigation and Creativity in Informatics (www.ci2.pt), where he supervised projects in robotics, mobile computing and database exploration and intelligent systems. He has been Health Executive education coordinator for more than 10 years at FT-Ranked Catholic Lisbon Business School, and presently teaches health management, leadership and medical informatics in Portugal and abroad both at top management “

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