Karl Storz Endoskop Sverige AB

  • Monter: B04:60


KARL STORZ is one of the world’s leading suppliers of endoscopes for all fields of applications. The family-owned company, with its headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, has 7 100 employees worldwide. With a history that stretches back already 70 years, KARL STORZ is well-known for its innovative and high-quality products. Its range of products has been rounded off with the development of the integrated operating room OR1™ and by integrating the field of flexible endoscopy into the various specialties.

OR1™ stands not only for an integrated operating room, but also for a workflow based solution for your hospital. Our customers have individual processes and therefore different requirements and approaches. We offer solutions that meet different requirements and furthermore improve the value chain of our customers.
Are you interested in digitalized patient- and workflow processes, such as documentation, checklists, communication, report management, archiving, augmented reality, AI and much more? We will be happy to welcome you on our booth B04:60.

Karl Storz Endoskop Sverige AB
Storsätragränd 14
127 39 Skärholmen
+46 8 50564800

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