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We believe in a healthier world. By contributing to well-organized and superior-quality biomedical data, we create prerequisites for scientific community and other professionals to reach novel and targeted medical breakthroughs towards innovations in health care.

What we do

Well-managed medical data for a healthier future We provide comprehensive expertise for building and managing tailor-made database applications and designing clinical studies for biomedical research and quality registers, including personalized solutions for knowledge sharing with the community and academia.

For whom

For clinical and preclinical researchers and other professionals in medicine and academia. We assist clinical and preclinical researchers and other professionals in medicine and academia to improve the quality and the outcome they get from their medical studies and data.

Why we do it

.. to reach important medical breakthroughs and innovations. We want to make the world a better place and we see well-organized medical data solutions as critical for enabling important medical breakthroughs and innovations for better health

MedSciNet corporate presentation

MedSciNet is a Stockholm based company that has an extensive knowledge expertise in the field of healthcare and medical research, tech industry, applied mathematics and computer science that allows the delivery of unique services towards specialized web applications and online database systems for clinical trials and studies, quality registries, biobanks, and other solutions within the field of academic medicine, healthcare and even community.

MedSciNet creates and offers a GDPR compliant software-as-a-service. The software is deployed on servers located in a world-class datacenter, operated in compliance with ISO27000 and SAS-70 standards and with 24×7 monitoring. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about IT specifics such as investing in servers, storage or additional hardware. MedSciNet takes care of everything including maintenance, system security and data backups.

MedSciNet’s online software-as-a-service allows customers to access their data in real-time and begin data analysis almost immediately after the last patient has been included.

Medscinet AB
Luntmakargatan 71 2tr
113 51 Stockholm
+46 8 6123550
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