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Gynius was created by gynecologists and engineers in Sweden, with the dream that their flagship product would improve women’s health care around the world. They believed that this goal was
achievable by making women’s health care affordable, simple and accessible.

In Gynius, humanity and gender equality of our major driving force and we realize that a handheld & portable optical colposcope could protect millions of women from cervical cancer around the
world hence the invention of the Gynocular.

After intensive research and development and 3 different clinical studies in Sweden, Bangladesh, and Uganda, the Gynocular was launched into the market. The Gynocular provides possibility of a gold standard cervical examination and “our goal is a Gynocular in every Gynecologists pocket.”

Our team has a passion and “we are very proud to have our device being used around the world in a variety of settings whilst participating in some new studies on cervical cancer.

Gynius Plus AB
Mandolingatan 8
41390 Gothenburg
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