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BuddyCare is a mobile care coordination platform that has been developed to support patients’ pre-and post-operative care and to improve communication with the patients. The platform supports patients journey from preparation to recovery at the same time providing care personnel information about patients who might have deviated from the expected care plan. The Platform consists of patients’ mobile App and healthcare professionals’ dashboard.

The BuddyCare App is an easy-to-use mobile guide that helps patients to navigate through the care process. Checklists, pre-assessment forms, reminders and timely education keep the patient on the right track. Through the BuddyCare Dashboard healthcare providers have real-time visibility over patients’ preparation and recovery activities. The dashboard collects, analyzes and visualizes patient data, which allows healthcare professionals to more efficiently allocate resources on needing the most guidance.

With the BuddyCare platform healthcare providers have been able to reduce admin work, costs and the solution has improved patient communication. Use of BuddyCare ensures that patients are at the right place, right time properly prepared. The platform also enables collecting PROM and QoL questionnaires.

The BuddyCare platform is already in use in 3/5 of university clinics, 60% central hospitals and some private hospitals in Finland. Buddy Healthcare has also first customers in Germany and the US. Patients’ who used the App have evaluated App with 4,6 stars out of 5.

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Buddy Healthcare
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