Location based technologies (LBT)

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An Update – Location Based Technologies (LBT) and their impact on improving care, safety and the patient experience.

Leveraging the use of auto-ID, BLE, RFID, RTLS, sensors, wayfinding and wireless technologies in healthcare.
Monday May 20th, 10 am – 5 pm

The idea of “Location Enabled Healthcare (LEH)” has grown in popularity over the last five years. Instead of dealing with every patient and guest in a singular, uniform manner, we can now automatically customize the patient experience that is based on a REAL time physical location.

Not only can we locate assets more efficiently down to the patient room level, but we can track workflows and cater to specific patients, based on their wants and needs.

These technologies are enabling healthcare facilities, nursing homes and smart homes to improve their processes and help them deliver better quality health to their patients at lower costs, while at the same time harnessing the power of valuable data and actionable information.

Is the healthcare community ready to:

  • Adopt these technologies and associated software for a better (ROI) Return on the hospital Investment
  • Implement new technologies that complement traditional RTLS without a major investment
  • Re-train and educate their staff to be able to maintain these newer versions of the technologies
  • How do Smart Phone and tablets, with their many capabilities, fit into your healthcare system?
  • How are BLE and Wayfinding technologies affecting your current wireless network?
  • How do these technologies improve the accuracy of your “Internet of Healthcare Things” real-time data?
  • How do these technologies impact your Cybersecurity?

Attend this conference to network and learn how you too can leverage the real time data derived from auto-ID,BLE, RFID, RTLS, Sensors and Wireless technologies to improve your delivery of digital health.

This conference is arranged by Vitalis in cooperation with Intelligent Health Association.

  • Pris för konferensen inkl. lunch och två kaffepauser, 2 700 SEK
  • Pris för konferensen inkl. lunch och två kaffepauser vid anmälan även till Vitalis konferens  21-23 maj, 1 800 SEK


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