Location Based Healthcare

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Location Based Healthcare  – delivering better quality health to patients at lower costs

Leveraging the use of auto-ID, BLE, RFID, RTLS, sensors, wayfinding and wireless technologies in healthcare.
Monday May 20th, 10 am – 5 pm

Location Based Healthcare can take many forms – tracking everything from assets and people to optimizing workplace utilization, enabling wayfinding applications and managing building systems – all in real time.

This one-day conference will explore how hospitals have harnessed many existing as well as new technologies to improve processes and the patient experience. How did they introduce new technologies into existing IT systems? How do location-based technologies affect the hospitals internet of things?

Within the framework of real-world applications, this interactive conference will bring together academicians, healthcare professionals and technology vendors to guide a pragmatic discussion on how hospitals are realizing the benefits of leveraging REAL TIME location-based data FOR IMPROVED PATIENT CARE AND SAFETY.

Attend this conference to network and learn how you too can leverage the real time data derived from auto-ID,BLE, RFID, RTLS, Sensors and Wireless technologies to improve your delivery of digital health.


Paul Frisch PhD, Chief, Biomedical Engineering,
Department of Medical Physics,
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center



Who should attend?

  • VP / Director of Biomedical engineering
  • Managers of Supply Chain
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  • High value asset manager
  • Healthcare professionals  who are responsible for improving Patient Care and Safety and the patience experience
  • Directors of Health IT
  • VP for financial   Services
  • I o T professionals
  • OR managers
  • ED/ER managers


This conference is arranged by Vitalis in cooperation with Intelligent Health Association.

  • Pris för konferensen inkl. lunch och två kaffepauser, 2 700 SEK
  • Pris för konferensen inkl. lunch och två kaffepauser vid anmälan även till Vitalis konferens  21-23 maj, 1 800 SEK


Är du intresserad av att sponsra denna konferens? Kontakta Maria Sterner,, +46 31 733 818193.